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How to Teach Your Child to Love Math

According to studies, math is one of the most dreaded academic subjects for students. Itís not surprising considering many children hate math. To save your child from this common dilemma, here are some ways to teach your child to love math.

Surround your child with shapes, colors, and numbers. Whenever you get or buy things for your child, prefer designs with shapes, colors, and numbers. Itíll catch his interest in knowing more about these things. Hence, you wouldnít have a hard time introducing him the basics of math. Remember that children are curious of their environment. Take advantage of this in teaching him mathematics.

Let your child play with his imagination. Encourage your child to engage on fun mind games. Give him assembling toys. Play is a way children learn the foundation of their skills. Thus, become creative in how youíll incorporate through fun play the skills that he needs to develop.

Praise your child whenever he solves a problem on his own. This is an effective way to encourage his independence in learning new things. Teach him not to rely on other people in answering questions. Through this, heíll have more chance of practicing his thinking skills.

Teach math principles to your child bit by bit. Each day is a chance to learn new things. Make use of the time you spent with your child in teaching him basic math principle. As Iíve said, do this through creative plays, bit by bit, so he wonít feel stressed. Donít force him, if heís not in the mood. Youíll only make him annoyed with mathematics.

It takes a constant practice and dedication to instill a habit into your child. If you want your child to excel in math, teach him to become independent and dedicated in sorting out things on his own. Let him » Continue reading..

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